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    The Lewis & Clark Baseball League, or LCBL, is a collegiate summer baseball league comprising teams of the top college players from the St. Louis metropolitan area and beyond. Founded by Nicholas R. A. Mahrt in 2013, this upstart amateur baseball season runs from June through early August in the St. Louis metropolitan area. It is a non-profit organization and the founding member of the Leagues of Extraordinary Gentlemen — a nationwide collection of baseball leagues that put the emphasis on student-athlete's summer work/study opportunities. Players are not paid, as to maintain their college eligibility and amateur status; their ages range from 18-23.

    Players choose to exclusively compete during the week or on the weekends; breaking the teams into two even conferences, the Lewis and the Clark. Teams are scheduled to play 37 games over a nine-week season, culminating in an early-August playoff. The playoffs consist of a best-of-three Discovery Cup Series, matching the two division winners in the Lewis Conference and the two in the Clark Conference. After the best of the weekdend and weekday are crowned, these conference champions meet in a one-game, winner-take-all title game at Busch Stadium. The current league champions, the winners of the Corps of Discovery Cup, are the Explorers.

    Miller Orthopedics serves as the official sports medicine provider for the Lewis & Clark Baseball League. Dr. Miller served under the renowned Dr. James Andrews, and provides sports medicine support to MLB, NFL, and professional soccer players. 

    Most equipment items (jersey, hat, batting helmet, etc.) are included in the player's registration fee. Also inclusive are sets of discounted tickets to two St. Louis Cardinals home games. The deal operates as a league fundraiser, giving players an opportunity to up-sell the tickets to defer the $625 cost of participating in the league.

    Player registration annually opens in November of the previous year, seven months ahead of the first game. This also opens the official recruitment period, where student-athletes can commit to playing with a particular LCBL team.

    The Lewis & Clark Baseball League is the proud summer home for aspiring student-athletes from over 50 colleges and universities across all three levels of the NCAA, both divisions of the NJCAA, and the NAIA. This map depicts the collegiate programs that have had representatives play in the LCBL. Click on any red state to see which institutions graciously contribute talent to our league. Help us in our efforts to fill the map and grow the league. If your school's state is in gray, be the first to Find Your Way to our St. Louis home.

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    Our Mission to Produce Better Student-Athletes

    "College coaches entrust that, come Fall, we will return a better baseball player to their campus. They fear their players will develop rust if the summer is spent away from the game; not truly thinking about the student-athlete's best interest. Players need a league where they will use their summer getting better on the field, but also get better focused on what their coursework will lead to, upon graduation. If baseball is complemented by a taste of professional work experience, the player, the player's family, and the entire school — not just the baseball program — will be satisfied by who emerges from that summer league."   
    Commissioner, Nicholas Mahrt                

    36 schools represented by LCBL players made U.S. News & World Report's 2013 National "Best Colleges" List

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    Corps of Discovery Heritage

    The contribution of Meriwether Lewis and William Clark to our nation's history is immeasurable. Even in the 21st century, Lewis and Clark are still a point of pride and reverence in all of America; their iconic presence is still felt in elementary school curriculum, as well as products, businesses, and schools that carry their namesake. Click here to read TIME Magazine's 2012 article that places the leaders of the Corps of Discovery among the 20 Most Influential Americans of All Time.

    Our executive committee is honored to pay homage to these great men with the naming of our summer collegiate baseball league. The decision intends to draw players from coast-to-coast, with the approachability of American folk heros. It is also locally-responsive to our beautiful St. Louis home. Though the trek covered thousands of miles, it all began in our backyard. In this, the name hopefully speaks to locals as their summer college baseball league. Since the area was the launch site for one historic journey, so too could it be the beginning of brilliant careers (baseball or otherwise) for other young men. 

    If you would like to learn even more about Lewis and Clark, join legendary documentary filmmaker Ken Burns in his acclaimed production of the Corps of Discovery's famous journey. Walk in their footsteps and relive the history: 

    The names within the LCBL encompass the vast job descriptions of Meriwether Lewis and William Clark. Beyond exploring new lands, the two American heroes were both territorial governors, soldiers, and unrivaled natural historians. Their various titles are proudly commemorated, as team nicknames, across the chest of each player's jersey.

    Corporate Partners

    The Lewis & Clark Baseball League is the charter member of a larger organization, known as the LXGMEN. This is a nationwide collection of summer collegiate baseball leagues. The next to launch will be the Thin Air Baseball League in Denver, set for 2016.

    An all-encompassing brand, from apparel to future baseball product development. In 2013, Town Coopers expanded onto the field as a youth baseball program — 15U, 16U, 17U, and 18U teams that will one day funnel their alumni into the Lewis & Clark Baseball

    An all-encompassing brand, from apparel to baseball product development. In 2013, Town Coopers expanded onto the field as a youth travel program — 15U, 16U, 17U, and 18U teams that will one day funnel their alumni into the Lewis & Clark Baseball League.

    ProNine Sports is the official baseball supplier of the Lewis & Clark Baseball league. Performance, durability, comfort, and protection are ProNine’s priorities when designing its products. The equipment will out-play and out-last many "name brands."

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    Everybody's doing it; "Clarking" is the newest verb around town. Channel your inner Meriwether Lewis and William Clark and you can be the LCBL logo for the day. Tweet us your best rendition of their famous pointing pose, using #Clarkin'

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